Iron foundries and non-ferrous metal founding and refining companies use Boldrocchi Ecologia plants for purifying the smoke emitted by all types of smelting furnaces, both electric and direct-fired. The great experience gained in the cooling of dusty gases and the filtering of highly aggressive smoke ensures that the customer can choose long-lasting devices and filtering means, which comply with the emission regulations even for the most harmful metals. Boldrocchi has a long time experience in these fields: from complete post combustion, gas cooling and acid gas control systems applied to secondary refining of copper or aluminium, to the large particulate control systems for the control of brass foundry emissions; from sophisticated applications on zinc and lead lines, to fabric filters on precious metals processes, Boldrocchi Ecologia has experiences. All of these applications, together with many others from experiences various other metals processes, have been the testing ground upon which Boldrocchi Ecologia has shown the range of its competence in the sizing and implementation of emissions control systems.

- Iron cupolas, Induction furnaces
- Copper refining, brass casting
- Aluminium smelting and refining
- Lead, zinc, cadmium etc.