Company outline

The Boldrocchi group is headquartered in Italy and has subsidiaries all over the world.

The company has more than a century of experience in offering specific solutions that combine various production lines.
Of the more than 400 employees worldwide, 260 work in production and 200 are engineers. The main factories in Biassono, near Milan, have a production area of over 35,000 m2 and are equipped with thermal, acoustic and aeraulic test facilities.

In 1997, the Group acquired the production unit of De Cardenas Ventilation based in Arcore, with a production area of 9.000m2.

The Company lay-out is organized in five autonomous departments:

Fans & blowers

For industrial, marine, process applications and,
with De Cardenas know-how, for heavy duty service.

Heat Exchange

Heat exchanger: for any industrial and power generation
application, mostly with finned tubes.
Cooling: to cool the main electrical machines as
motors, transformers and generators.


Air and gas pollution control plants

Aeroto Division

Industrial and heavy duty noise protection, gas turbine ancillaries

Dampers Division

Heavy duty dampers & by-pass diverter

In 1993, the Quality system was certified as conforming with ISO 9001.

Supplies are exclusively tailor made according to the specific requirements of various international customers, present in all the main industrial sectors. The experience acquired in 100 years of continuous activity and the flexibility both in designing and manufacturing is considerable.

A wide range of materials are usually utilized: steel and copper alloys, aluminium, titanium and plastic materials; more than 100 welding procedures have been qualified.
The products are subject to intermediate and final testing, witnessed by the customers or delegate inspection Authorities.

The Industrial Markets that we serve are:

• Power Generation and Industrial Boilers
• Cogenerations plants & Gas Turbine
• Incenerations & Waste to energy
• Iron & Steel making industry
• Cement and Lime Industry
• Glass & non Ferrous Industry
• Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industry
• Chemical, Process & Fertilizer industries
• Offshore, Marine and Shipbuilders
• Trasformers, Generators and Motors

Boldrocchi products and services are best suited for heavy duty and/or special purpose industrial applications. The company performs at its best when there are engineering issues associated with the required application. Our products are custom engineered and manufactured to fit our customer’s specific need and our company aim is to achieve Customer satisfaction with all our work.

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