Historical background

Luigi Boldrocchi

Engineer Luigi Boldrocchi receives his first two orders to supply 8 fans and he launches the Milan factory in Via Praga, covering an area of 6,300 square metres.

the license to produce “embedded” finned tubes

Purchase in the United States of the license to produce “embedded” finned tubes, subsequently adapted principally for cooling electrical machinery, or incorporated in naval and railway installations. A thousand-dollar investment for a product that for the company is still relevant a hundred years later.

pedalling in tandem

Engineer Giuliano Boldrocchi, son of Luigi, joins the company, mainly handling the commercial side. With the advent of war begin the supplies for the Navy especially for submarines.

commercial side of the company

Engineer Luigi Boldrocchi decides to move production to Biassono with the aim of protecting the company from the risk of bombing. Some of the offices and workshops remain in Milan at the original Via Praga site.

Luigi Boldrocchi

The founder dies and his son Giuliano succeeded him. Under his guidance, great attention is paid to improving employees’ quality of work.


The company begins to move away from the mass production model to develop made-to-measure products, accelerating the specialization process. Coolers for electrical machinery become one of the key products, while the large conditioning systems sector is gradually abandoned.

Carlo Gandini

Engineer Giuliano passes away, leaving the company in the hands of his wife Marisa and the Technical Director, Engineer Carlo Gandini who will lead the Company for 30 years. Boldrocchi will gradually enter into the European market through contracts with the main italian companies of the time: Marelli, Ansaldo, Montedison, Eni.

The transfer to Biassono

2nd November marks the official opening of the current premises in Biassono, covering an area of 47,000 square metres.

Engineer Gandini

Engineer Gandini is joined in the company by Luigi Boldrocchi, Giuliano’s son. Before meeting with a fatal accident on the slopes of Chamonix in 1980, he helps to drive Boldrocchi’s internationalization, thanks in part to the agreement with Swedish company Bacho to manufacture compact filtration boxes in Italy.

nuclear sector

Massimo Boldrocchi, the current President, joins the company, seeking to direct Boldrocchi towards the nuclear sector.

The Air Coolers division

Boldrocchi starts to adopt a divisional structure. The AIR COOLERS division is created, specializing in the chemical and oil & gas sectors, while soundproofing solutions are assigned to Boldrocchi Acustica.

Boldrocchi Ecologia

Development of the divisional structure continues with the addition of Boldrocchi Ecologia, responsible for industrial air pollution control. It handles the manufacture of filters for factories, electrostatic precipitators, coolers and reactors for gas, even conducting testing and analysis of air composition.


A new division, Boldrocchi T.E., is thus created for the manufacture of cooling towers.

De Cardenas

Acquisition of De Cardenas, which has failed to relaunch itself after the takeover of Marelli VENTILATION. Its absorption makes Boldrocchi market leader for large fans in Italy, and simultaneously puts it at the cutting edge of environmental technology, via the new division: Boldrocchi Aeroto.

Chennai, in India

In October a new branch of the company is opened in Chennai, India: Aeroto Boldrocchi India. With around fifty employees and an 8,000 square metre site, it is the result of a joint venture with local business and aims to build on Boldrocchi’s presence in one of the most important markets of the future.


The acquisition of a factory adjacent to the current site in Biassono represents the overture to an expansion of the company, with the objective of transfering the entire manufacture of heat exchangers to the new 18,000 square metre premises.

photovoltaic power station

Boldrocchi equips itself with a 100 kW photovoltaic power station, the initialcore of an electricity self-generating capacity equivalent to one third of consumption. This investment seals the company’s environmental mission exactly 100 years after its inception.

second branch operating in India

Is established a second branch operating in India dedicated to the Ecological products. Binding alliances are created in Central and South America.

boldrocchi in Brazil and Mexico

The Group expansion continues: two new companies are established in Brazil and Mexico.

Hascon Group has become part of the Boldrocchi Group

Hascon Engineering, the division of Hascon Group supplying large filters mainly for steel plants has become part of the Boldrocchi Group.
Hascon Engineering and Boldrocchi Ecologia Division have joined their competences to become one sole company for the design and manufacture air pollution control equipment.

Hascon Group has become part of the Boldrocchi Group