Electrical machine cooling

During 1931 Boldrocchi manufactured the first oil transformer coolers with forced ventilation and, since 1948, an engineering department has been exclusively interested in the cooling of large electrical machines:

- Static electrical machines
- Large power transformers
- Distribution transformers reactors
- Industrial and furnace transformers
- Rotating electrical machines
- Motors
- Generators

More than 80 years of experience in this specific field allows Boldrocchi to offer each customer the best solutions matching all the requirements and to optimize reliability, performance and costs.
Test facilities are equipped to check the thermal efficiency of the coolers by using dielectric oil or water and air to guarantee a reliable know-how and the requested performances. The most used coolers’ prototypes have been approved with thermal and noise tests witnessed by official boards and customers.
A distinctive feature of Boldrocchi lies in its own expertise to design and to manufacture all the main components of a cooler: the finned tubes, the heat exchanger, the fan, the circulating pump and the electrical devices.