Power & Distribution Transformers Oil Air Coolers

Boldrocchi is one of the few companies that designs and manufactures in-house all the main components used for the forced cooling of power and furnace transformers.

The production range includes:

- Oil-air cooler for OFAF and ODAF applications
- Water-oil coolers with simple and double wall tubes
- Axial flow and radial flow pumps
- Axial flow fans
- Control devices

More than 15.000 air oil coolers of Boldrocchi technology have been supplied. The coolers essentially comprise a bundle of finned tubes of the embedded type, to ensure complete homogeneity and adhesion between tube and fins. Perfect conduction is obtained without discontinuity in the passage of heat through the finned tubes. Special fining machines are involved for the manufacture of finned tubes, available in various shapes and with different types of materials. The coolers are equipped with low noise axial fans, selected to meet customers’ most severe requirements. Including the production of electric motors, axial and centrifugal special pumps for the oil circulation are manufactured. They are of the single block type with an immerged motor, without holding rings and therefore they are absolutely locktight. Series of air coolers suitable to meet the usual requirements of each customer are designed and furthermore the great experience and flexibility of the company can provide special equipments for non-standard applications. The production range includes also different series of oil-water coolers, designed according to different requirements or standard rules. Usually double wall finned tubes are employed to facilitate leakage detection.

Power Transformer

Equipped with No. 4 x 240 kW Special Design Oil Air Coolers skid assembled with oil pumps and control devices

ENEL – Autotransformer 250 MVA

Equipped with No. 4 x 240 kW tank
mounted Low Noise Oil Air Coolers ROT/S - 65 dB(A)