A.C. / D.C. Motor Coolers

More than 7.000 heavy-duty electric motors are equipped with Boldrocchi cooling groups. Particular attention is paid to design to meet different requirements connected with cooling: dimensions, interface, pressure drop, materials, vibrations, noise, consumption, reliability and maintenance. Innumerable configurations have been designed with C.A.D., thus reducing delivery time, even for special solutions.

The production range includes:

- Cooling groups for D.C. motors.
These units, directly coupled to the motor, are usually composed of a steel hood containing the water/air heat exchanger, an air filter and a fan. All the components are easily removable from the case for checks and maintenance;
- Air-air cooling groups.
These units are composed of two separated circuits with two fans and exchanger, where the closed circuit air is cooled by the external air;
- Air-water cooling groups for a.c. motors.
These units are equipped with one or more air/water exchangers, fan and noise insulating systems.

The water-air coolers are supplied either coil type or with finned tubes. Several tube materials are available: copper, copper alloys, stainless steels and titanium. For heavy-duty applications, such as off-shore platforms, double tube design is suggested, with titanium internal tube. The groups are equipped with control devices; special versions and explosion-proof type are also made.


Power rating range
200 ÷ 1.000 kW/each
Number of axial fans
No. 2 ÷ No. 3 in operation/each* + No. 1 stand-by/each

(*standard) The cooling unit standard execution is provided with silencers and fans in vertical or horizontal arrangement.

- Aluminium alloy
- C-Steel
- Stainless Steel
Tube Plates
- C-Steel
- Stainless Steel
- Housing
- Stainless Steel
- Silencers
Provided with panel protected by perforated sheet in galvanized C-Steel or Stainless Steel

CACW eexd Motor cooler

Equipped with instruments for air pressurization

CACW D.C. Motor cooler

130 kW power rating; equipped with external fan and filter

Transformer Oil Axial Pump Series DN and sectional view