Research and Development

Our objective, to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations, is based on the continuous improvement of our production processes and in these processes the most valuable resources are our employees at every level of responsibility. Tailor made manufacture consists in a continuous refining of our products to achieve more and more competitive customer requirements. Boldrocchi allocates a large percentage of resources and efforts in research and development.

Design improvements and products testing are strictly connected with our Quality Assurance to optimize our capability of problem solving and cost effectiveness.

The pressing need to achieve higher removal efficiencies together with ever decreasing energy requirements, simplicity in construction, and maximum reliability, has continually driven Boldrocchi to develop products through two complementary means:
- Experimentation in our laboratories and test facilities, leading to the development of innovative solutions
- Field testing of pilot and demonstration systems in order to verify and optimize developments and advances in technology within an industrial environment

In these ways we are able to render more effective and competitive all technological advances, as well as ensure that they provide concrete and reliable benefits for years to come.

Our products are developed in on-going research into technical aspects. The more stressed components are checked with the help of a computerized F.E.A. program. One example of our commitment in research is a special technical program financed by the Italian R&D Ministry in which we are defining a flue gas capacity modulating diverter blade.