The technical services department is composed of highly skilled Boldrocchi personnel, capable of resolving any issue related to our products.

Field measurement

We possess the capability to take field measurements of all fan performance parameters, according to the principal European (ISO) and American (AMCA) standards.

- Duct gas volume and velocity
- Static and dynamic pressure
- Gas temperature
- Specific power consumption
- Fan rotational speed
- Sound pressure levels
- Dust content of the gases
- Stationary and transient vibration

All measurements are carried out with proper and calibrated instruments according to our quality assurance manual.
The analysis of all data to determine specific fan performance is performed with dedicated, proprietary software.

Rebuilds and upgrades

Very often, plant production can be increased significantly with modifications to an existing fan’s design and performance. Thanks to our large fan test and performance database, we are able to optimize the performance of any existing fan without having to replace it. In such a way the following objectives can be met:


- Increased fan reliability and durability
- Compliance with environmental regulations
- Increased production
- Energy savings

Revamping of existing filters

Fabric filters of all kinds, after many years of service, often become obsolete and expensive to run and maintain. In these cases, our technical department can analyze the weaknesses of the existing apparatus, and supply new internals, less expensive than the existing spare parts, with components of advanced design that provide more energy efficient operation.

The existing filter casing, as well as the ducting, hoppers, dust handling system, and electrical supply system, are reused, while the replacement filtering apparatus is provided with a new, state-of-the-art cleaning control panel that provides advanced diagnostics to ensure peak performance of the new gas cleaning system.

Conversion of electrostatic precipitator to bag filter

The latest emissions regulations have reduced the maximum allowable emission limits to such a degree that many existing precipitators cannot achieve compliance.

In such cases, it becomes necessary to provide costly additional fields, or to install cost-effective, high efficiency, retrofit fabric filter technology in the existing casing. Our technical department is specialized in the analysis, design and supply of custom engineered fabric filter retrofit technologies and in the supply, erection and commissioning of the new system, including performance guarantees. Even the analysis of the gas moving system operation under the new operating parameters can be trusted to the competence of our fan specialists.

Component upgrade and overhaul


Our technical department can provide assistance on all the components of an air moving and flue gas cleaning system, even if from a different supplier.

The various elements of the filtering system, whether electrostatic or fabric in nature, the collecting surface cleaning components, the dust discharge and conveying components, the isolation and control dampers, as well as the gas cooling system, whether direct of evaporative, are all items that may be revamped or upgraded thanks to our technical competence.


Our shops in Biassono and Arcore (Italy) are equipped to refurbish completely any static and rotating part also not of our own design. The shop equipment let the following operations:

- Tipping of impellers
- Replacement of impeller wear elements
- Hard surfacing of components exposed to wear
- Replacement of worn components
- Repair of worn shaft surfaces, and final machining
- Shop and dynamic balancing


Our field service engineers are extensively trained to carry out all operations related to fan commissioning:

- Erection supervision
- Fan alignment
- Field balancing
- Operating parameter measurement and analysis

All operations are skillfully carried out, implementing advanced instrumentation, in order to minimize down time and guarantee correct results.

Periodic and preventive maintenance

Our customer service program includes periodic site visits and machine inspections, maintaining a database of all operating parameters for prevention of possible failures, and careful analysis of the possible causes of an incident. In case of unexpected failure, our personnel are available on short notice for travel to site, either in Europe or abroad.


All materials and services supplied are covered by industry standards execution and performance guarantees

Erection supervision

We have the capability to install fans and carry out any field activity connected to the installation with our own personnel, or with local contract personnel under the supervision of our engineers.
In both cases, we take full responsibility for the operation and performance guarantees.
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